Total surface area: 549 m2
Number of apartments: 9
Location: Stare Miasto - Śródmieście
Investment standard: wysoki

Between the Main Square and Wawel

Sarego Street is one of the most prestigious locations in Kraków. Situated between the Main Square and the Royal Castle, it delights with its peacefulness and an intimate character. From the very beginning Sarego Street had a mansion-like nature. Eminent families from Kraków lived in the buildings built on the street and later, it became one of the meeting places of Kraków’s artistic Bohemia. Sarego Street itself was built in 1872 within the area of the former meadows of St. Sebastian. Initially, residents of Kraków recognized it as Zielona Street, and it was given its current name after the first half of the 20th century.


Tenement House at 3 Sarego Street – intimate eclecticism

The tenement house at 3 Sarego Street was built according to a design of a Jewish architect – Nachman Kopald in 1885. The property consists of a front building and two outbuildings. It also includes an internal yard which after renovation works has become a place of relaxation and rest for the residents of the property at 3 Sarego Street. Apart from arrangements of the yard, in the building complex renovation works of the common areas were carried out.

The works involved replacement of among others the roof, windows and doors; also, the external and internal façade has been revitalized, and a new gas boiler room was made. Renovation works also involved the staircase where balustrades were renovated and stained-glass windows were made in the fashion of the initial ones. The tenement house was divided into 27 apartments to which new installations were provided (electrical, water and sewage system, low-voltage installations, CCTV, intercom, monitoring and Internet).