Total surface area: 648 m2
Number of apartments: 29
Location: Stare Miasto - Kazimierz
Investment standard: wysoki

15 Brzozowa Street: craftsmanship of the detail

The tenement house at 15 Brzozowa Street was built in 1912. At the beginning the building was a part of a complex of properties situated at numbers 11, 13 and 15. These tenement houses were designed by a well-known architect from Kraków – Henryk Lamensdorf who was the owner of an architecture and construction company operating in Kraków in the first half of the 20th century. Lamensdorf’s enterprise was known by its costly realizations, high standard and innovative architecture solutions. The first owner of the property was Cecylia Spira and her company.

Kazimierz: magical place

Apart from the Old Town, Kazimierz is one of the best locations in Kraków. Brzozowa Street used to be a dirt road which ran from Jakuba Street to Kazimierz to the riverbed of Old Vistula and today it is the centre of this magical district. It is situated near Miodowa Street bustling with life, simultaneously attracting people with its peaceful and lazy nature which encourage you to stop and taste the climate of the former Jewish district.


15 Brzozowa Street: new outing of the tenement house

The forgotten and destroyed tenement house at 15 Brzozowa Street regained its former glow thanks to revitalization works carried out by Koneser Group. In the property, complex renovation works of the common areas were performed.

The historical façade, staircase and galleries underwent renovation works. Also, the roof, installations, windows and doors were replaced. Moreover, in the tenement house a gas boiler room as well as new installations increasing the safety and comfort of residents were made.

Today the building at 15 Brzozowa Street is an independent, four-level property with 21 apartments and 2 business facilities in which commercial and catering business activities are conducted.