FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing an apartment in a tenement house is a serious decision which may raise numerous questions and doubts. Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and business partners, we prepared a list of frequently asked questions with answers. We hope that it will help you arrange your knowledge and obtain the information required.

Should you have any additional questions or doubts to which you have not found answers in FAQ, do not hesitate to contact our Sale Department at Koneser Group. Contact details can be found HERE.

For a good start, we invite you to become familiar with our offers of apartments for sale in tenement houses renovated by us. They are presented in the tab OFFER and they constitute the current sales offer. Viewing the investments, we implement you can select an apartment which is consistent with your expectations and needs concerning the location, surface area and its arrangement.

You can ask about details of the apartment using our contact form or calling the following telephone numbers: +48 531 919 033 (Monika Jurczyk); +48 534 018 881 (Piotr Garus). Our Sales Department will answer all your questions and suggest an appointment time during which you can see the apartment and the entire investment.

The offer of Koneser Group includes apartments situated in historical buildings in the Old Town and Kazimierz in Kraków. We offer apartments with various surface areas and arrangements. In tenement houses renovated by us you can find studios, one-room apartments and studio flats, two-room apartments, large apartments and penthouses with viewing terraces.

Apartments offered in tenement houses may fulfil various functions. They are perfect as premises for short- and long-term rent, residential apartments as well as seats of offices and service premises.

Apartments require renovation works. It ensures future owners the possibility to create a space which is perfectly adjusted to their needs and expectations. Renovation and revitalization works have been carried out in the common areas of the property. Their scope most often includes: restoration works of the façade, the main hall and staircases, replacement of internal installations, assembly of alarm and monitoring systems, passenger elevators, arrangement of the common areas of internal gardens. HERE you can read about how we do business.

Historical buildings have numerous attributes – both aesthetic and practical. Brick walls, high ceilings, large windows and prestigious locations are only some of advantages of apartments in tenement houses.

Currently, tenement houses situated in the centre of Kraków are considered to be a luxury good. Revitalization works of properties allows their historical nature to be maintained, simultaneously increasing the standard of the property. Numerous tenement houses during renovation works are provided with modern solutions and enriched with innovative technologies. They allow the comfort of future residents to be increased.

It is also worth remembering that tenement houses were initially built for the wealthy part of society. In Kraków most often we deal with buildings from the 19th and the beginnings of the 20th century (however one can also find pearls the history of which reaches back to the 15th century, such as the tenement house at 9 Szpitalna Street). At that time buildings were built using highest quality materials and based on the highest construction standards. It is also important to remember that the main building block of tenement houses is brick. Such elements result in the fact that such apartments significantly outrank similar new buildings with their quality.

HERE you can find more on why it is worth living in a tenement house.

Apart from the apartment price and participation in the costs of renovation works of common areas, a customer who wishes to purchase an apartment on the used property market must take additional expenses into account. They include: tax on civil law transactions, notary fees, court fees (collected for properties with land and mortgage registers), fees for issuance of the notary deed. All of the above fees are collected by the notary upon signature of the notary deed. Such fees are forwarded on behalf of the payer to the court and tax office.

Also, a preliminary agreement signed in the presence of a notary is covered by fees.

Koneser Group cooperates with real estate agents based on cooperation agreements. The agreement defines principles under which they can offer property offered by Koneser Group to their customers and establishes the percentage of the commission paid on sales. The cooperation agreement is a document the provisions of which are individually established with each business partner. Agents and real estate agents who wish to enter into cooperation with us can contact the Sales Department at Koneser Group directly.

Advertisements offering apartments included in the offer of Koneser Group can be presented on industry portals only after signing the cooperation agreement (and only if the agreement allows for such a form of promotion).

Materials concerning investments of Koneser Group which can be used in advertisements and presentations are sent with information about commencement of the sales process. A package with materials includes photographs, the most important information about a particular investment and apartments within it as well as layouts of particular apartments. If you have not received materials, please contact our Sales Department directly.

Simultaneously, we request that you do not copy descriptions of investments and advertisements prepared by Koneser Group or include original content in the ads (see why). We also remind you that materials sent by us can be used only to promote investments by Koneser Group. We do not agree to use them in advertising of other properties in the portfolio of intermediary agencies.

The current sales offer of Koneser Group can be found HERE. Information about changes in sales offers are also sent via e-mail to the address specified in the agreement. Information is sent on an ongoing basis. Based on the information we request that you update your offer and advertisements so that you do not offer apartments which have been sold. If you have not subscribed to our newsletter with current offer updates – contact us and we will include you in our mailing list (please remember that you can always easily resign from receiving our messages).