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Koneser Group sp. z oxo. sp. k. has been operating on the Kraków real estate market since 2010. However, our beginnings on the real estate market reach back to 1999 when our architecture office was founded constituting the beginning of our company.

This is when, enchanted by the magic of Kraków tenement houses, we decided to commit to renovation works of historic properties. Restoring the glow of forgotten facilities located in the historical centre of the Royal City of Kraków and in magical Kazimierz has become our mission and passion. Revitalized properties regaining their former glory are not only a showpiece of Koneser Group, but also a source of pride and motivation.

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DREAMS come true

Koneser Grup consists of people who perceive the world through architecture and art of designing. At the borderline of various aesthetics and experiences, new quality is created which gives our realizations the highest standard and allows them to be consistent with the tradition and history of the city of Kraków.
We know full well that making dreams about an ideal apartment come true requires effort, time and involvement, therefore we offer complex services to our customers. Thanks to this during the several years of our operations we have revitalized several tenement houses and sold a few hundred apartments in prestigious locations of Kraków.

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Projects, we undertake are characterized by a professional and a complete approach to restoration of historical buildings, attention to detail and architectural details and preservation of historical elements of revitalized properties. Preparing each investment, we take care of quality, comfort of use, aesthetics and safety. We make every effort to adjust spaces released for use to the high requirements of our customers and their individual needs. The experience we have gained over the years allows us to apply the best practices and techniques in the field of renovation of historical buildings and designing apartments in tenement houses.

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Operations of Koneser Group are based on universal values. Cooperation, trust, reliability as well as solidity and professionalism constitute fundaments of our work. In all our attempts and decisions, we adhere to the law. We try to meet the needs and expectations of our customers, contractors and co-workers, therefore we also make sure that the solutions we present are compliant with reality and present risk factors, simultaneously allowing implementation of ambitious goals and architecture assumptions. We keep searching for better solutions, we believe in good intentions and we are convinced that it is best to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect at work.

We invite you to cooperate with us, become familiar with our investments and the current offer of apartments in tenement houses!


Tens of thousands of square meters of living space
Several hundred apartments
Several tenement houses