Total surface area: 1236 m2
Number of apartments: 21
Location: Stare Miasto - Kazimierz
Investment standard: wysoki

From the portfolio of Leopold Tlachna

The tenement house situated at 8 Brzozowa Street is a building, the author of which is Leopold Tlachna, an architect from Kraków. It was built for Wolf Muller who ran his bakery in the outbuilding. In the property also retail trade was run – on the ground floor there are stores the entrance to which runs through the main hall. The tenement house at 8 Brzozowa Street gained its current look in the interwar years when Zygmunt Peokesza undertook reconstruction works of the tenement house. He is the author of the shop windows which were faithfully reflected during revitalization works of the building.

Later, the tenement house at 8 Brzozowa Street was the seat of Mechanic Bakery of Irena Lotz. The enterprise operated for several years after World War II, and this is when at the turn of 50s and 60s of the 20th century the last more significant renovations works were carried out.


Brzozowa 8: Art Nouveau in a new dimension

Restoring the tenement house at 8 Brzozowa Street, Koneser Group took every effort to preserve its charm and nature. In the property numerous elements were restored or made according to the initial design, and simultaneously the investment was enriched with new solutions which are to ensure the comfort of its residents. Revitalization works were carried out on the front façade and the outbuilding façade, on the roof and the galleries.

Renovation works also included replacement and assembly of new installations: water and sewage system, electrical installation, monitoring and fire alarm systems. During revitalization works, the staircase and the main hall were also renovated.

Taking care of the smallest details, architecture decorations in the form of two arcades and rectangular door panels were restored. On the floor, ceramic tiles were used with an Art Nouveau pattern similar to the original one which had the form of palmettos with geometric patterns. The floor in the main hall in decorated with a timeless black-and-white chess board theme completed with a plant motif. This tenement house consists of 19 apartments and 2 business premises.