Total surface area: 675 m2
Number of apartments: 16
Location: Stare Miasto - Podgórze
Investment standard: wysoki

From Kołłątaja to Krasickiego Street

When in 1915 the Free City of Podgórze was connected with Kraków, the street known as Kołłątaja Street was given a name of Ignacego Krasickiego Street. With time, the district – Stare Podgórze – became nearly as popular as Kazimierz.

The right-hand side riverbank part of Kraków attracts people with its proximity to Vistulan Boulevards, expansive areas, green, quiet and peaceful atmosphere. Today, the attributes can also include excellent communication of the district with other districts of Kraków and tenement houses regaining their former glory among which the tenement house at 26 Krasickiego Street is situated.


Tenement House at 26 Krasickiego Street

The first buildings at 26 Krasickiego Street were built in 1907. Their author as well as architect implementing a design to extend the tenement house upward (in 1927) are unknown. From the beginning the façade of the property was maintained in minimalistic forms with the Art Nouveau and eclectic style. Also, the common areas of the tenement house were maintained in a similar spirit, such as the staircase and the main hall.

Undertaking revitalization works of the building, Koneser Group tried to preserve the historical elements and restore their former glow. Therefore, in the staircase there are original hexagonal floor tiles, historical balustrades and wooden tread boards. On the front façade, the original arrangement of windows was preserved. Historical elements were combined with modern solutions, such as alarm or intercom installations. Moreover, construction elements, such as ceilings and the roof, were replaced in the building. Also, central heating was installed and installations were replaced. The revitalized tenement house consists of 16 apartments. Their residents – apart from technical facilities installed in the building – can enjoy a nicely arranged yard which can only be used by owners of the ground floor apartments.