Total surface area: 487 m2
Number of apartments: 33
Location: Stare Miasto - Kazimierz
Investment standard: wysoki

Industrial nature

Near Dajwór Street there used to be an urban manor farm which belonged to Kazimierz. For years it was passed from one owner to another to be taken over by Tadeusz Dajwór in 1640; the name of this part of the city originates from his surname. Street routes were delineated only in 1894 and then the first buildings were built. The area had an industrial nature. There were many craftsmanship and artistic workshops as well as buildings of the tram depot, municipal gas plant and power plant.


At the corner of Dajwór and Wawrzyńca

Today Dajwór Street is the very centre of the magical district of Kazimierz. Nearby there are the most important historical monuments of Kraków; it is several steps away from colourful Szeroka Street always bustling with life and relicts of Jewish culture situated in Kazimierz.

At 20 Dajwór Street there is a large corner tenement house which attracts attention and raises interest. It was built in 1880 according to a design of an unknown architect. The property is situated on an L-shape plan view. It has three floors and an adapted attic. Under the building a complete brick basement was built. The tenement house at 20 Dajwór Street enchants with its sophisticated architecture. The façade is maintained in an eclectic style with line rustication of the ground floor. Above the first level there is a double cordon cornice. The building consists of business and service premises on the ground floor and 30 apartments with comfortable and thought through arrangements. Their surface areas are from 34 to 64 m2.

The common areas of the building have been renovated. Renovation and construction works were carried out on the external and internal façade as well as the staircase. In the property, also doors and windows as well as installations were replaced. To increase the comfort of the residents, the tenement house was reinforced with modern installations: low-voltage, intercom and alarm installations.