Total surface area: 2042 m2
Number of apartments: 27
Location: Stare Miasto - Kazimierz
Investment standard: premium

In the very heart of Kazimierz

Miodowa Street is the main street of Kazimierz. It is situated in the central point of the district and it is a hub for many cultural institutions and it constitutes entertainment facilities for the residents of Kraków and tourists. It was laid out in 1865 and at the beginning it was known as Podbrzezie.

It was given its current name a year later in 1866. The first residential buildings on Miodowa Street were built at the turn of the 19th and the 20th century, and this is when the tenement house number 19 was built.


19 Miodowa Street: apartments in Kazimierz

19 Miodowa Street is a monumental tenement house built in the 20s of the 20th century according to a design of an unknown author. Among other buildings it is distinguished by rich ornaments on the front façade. The decorative elements applied are preserved in the Art Nouveau style. The entire structure of the property and its décor are preserved in the style of modernism which was typical for buildings built at the beginning of the 20th century. As many tenement houses situated in Kazimierz, also the tenement house at 19 Miodowa Street had been a forgotten and neglected building for many years.

First revitalization works were commenced in 2015. Their purpose was to restore the former appearance of the property and improving its condition. Renovation works involved replacing construction elements: roof, ceilings, chimney linings as well as renovation of the external and internal façades, arrangement of the yard, replacement of windows and doors as well as internal installations and revitalization of the staircase, including installation of two quiet glazed elevators. The tenement house offered 27 apartments with large surface areas, including a top apartment with a view of the Temple synagogue. The apartments designed were characterized by an above average height – most of them were 3 m high. On the ground floor, there are two business premises.