Total surface area: 637,42
Number of apartments: 11
Location: Stare Miasto - Kazimierz
Investment standard: wysoki

Anno Domini 1335

The beginnings of Krakowska Street reach back to 1335 – this is when it was laid out based on a location plan of Kazimierz. From the beginning of its existence, it constituted the so-called salt road, i.e. a trade route leading through Wieliczka and Bochnia to Hungary. Initially Krakowska Street was divided into smaller sections known as Gliniana, Szewska and Solna. It was given its current appearance and name in 1881.

Tenement house full of history

The first tenement houses on this street were built in the Middle Ages. They were bourgeois houses of families living in Kazimierz which at that time was a separate town neighbouring Kraków. With time, at Krakowska Street wooden buildings, which had been there for ages, were replaced by brick buildings. It is then that the tenement house which can be admired at 3 Krakowska Street was built.


3 Krakowska Street – pearl of bourgeois architecture

At Krakowska Street real pearls of bourgeois architecture in Kraków are located, among others tenement house no. 3. It is a three-level building with an adapted attic and basement.

The property was divided into thirteen residential premises with surface areas from 30 to 70 m2. On the ground floor, there is a service and business centre.
The tenement house underwent complex revitalization works.

Construction works included among others renovation works of the front façade, insulation of the outbuilding façade, renovation works of the staircase, replacement of windows, renovations works of the roofing and building a central gas boiler room.
Thanks to works carried out by Koneser Group this charming tenement house regained its former nature and climate. Today the tenement house at 3 Krakowska Street is a property in which one can admire i.a. an eclectic and beautifully decorated façade.