Total surface area: 2552 m2
Number of apartments: 26
Location: Stare Miasto - Kazimierz
Investment standard: High

The most beautiful tenement houses in Krakow

Józefa Dietla Street, built in the second half of the 19th century, is one of the longest and most recognizable communication routes in Krakow. This is a location where you can find many historic tenement houses. They are increasingly being restored to living tissue of the city, and once again becoming symbols on one of the most important communication routes in today’s Krakow. One of such unique buildings is tenement house no. 31.

Double address

The facility is located at the intersection of Augustiańska and Dietla streets. This unique tenement house is a corner building, so both addresses – Augustiańska 1 and Dietla 31 – constitute one property. These are not two separate tenement houses.

The building was built in 1908 according to the design of the architect Beniamin Torbe. The facility in question is entered in the register of monuments as the urban layout of the Kazimierz district.

The front façade of the tenement house is decorated with tasteful architectural details in the form of stucco and window trim.

Apartments in Kazimierz s

The tenement house at Dietla 31 includes 3 commercial premises and 23 residential apartments.